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Score Big Flavors: Discover the Top 5 Food Picks at New Jersey’s Best Sports Bar

Taste of Jersey!

According to the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, “There is no love stronger than the love of food.” Now, that sentiment perfectly encapsulates Jersey Social’s culture as the best sports bar in Jersey City. You’ll find us at 837 Jersey Avenue in Cast Iron Lofts, New Jersey, and you should because our food justifies repeated visits.

Enjoy beer pitchers or Jersey Social’s signature cocktails with mouthwatering dishes! With friends and family by your side, watch your favorite sports team pull off those last-minute plays that lead them to victory. Doesn’t that sound like the most wonderful way to create new stories and cherished memories? This is why we decided to list down the guilty pleasures from Jersey Social’s dining menu.

We are going to start with the most recent addition to our appetizer menu, the warm and fluffy Bao Buns! Made with pork, chicken, or tofu, a hearty dollop of in-house sriracha mayonnaise, pickled cabbage, traditional barbeque sauce, and fresh cucumbers. A contemporary take on the traditional “Mantou,” these buns have been a huge hit with the crowd at Jersey Social. They are truly delicious, and the best part is they go great with any drink you choose!

Next up is Jersey Social’s irresistible Margherita Flatbread, an appetizer that is perfect for sharing. The signature milky and buttery texture of our flatbread comes from burrata, a soft Italian cheese, while the sauce is made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions, fresh oregano, and basil. It is baked until the crust looks golden and the cheese has melted, then served with a healthy sprinkle of chopped basil leaves on top. We recommend pairing it with wine or one of our signature cocktails.

The conversation about Jersey Social’s perfect-for-sharing appetizers is incomplete if we don’t mention our Chicken Nachos, a house special. The corn tortilla chips are loaded with sharp cheddar cheese, vibrant Pico de Gallo, and grilled chicken strips with drizzles of chili-lime mayonnaise. When that chicken nacho platter comes out, it is a sight to behold!

For our dinner menu, we have got two options for you! First, a treat for all you fried chicken lovers out there: Jersey Social’s Chicken Sammy Sandwich. Using the double-dip method, boneless chicken thighs are soaked in buttermilk and then generously coated with spices and flour. It is then re-dipped in buttermilk and rolled into the flour spice mix. This is what makes our fried chicken succulent and crispy. These fried golden beauties are topped with mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, tomato slices, and pickles and served on brioche buns with fries on the side.

The grand slam of the Jersey Social menu is our exquisite Brick Chicken! We take a searing pan greased with truffle butter, rosemary sprigs, and garlic pods and pan-roast an Airline chicken breast on both sides. During the last minute, the chicken breast is basted with melted butter and fats that contain the intense flavors of garlic and rosemary. Nestled gently on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, Brick Chicken is not for the faint of heart. What was the origin of the name “Brick Chicken”? Now that’s something only our regulars are aware of!

Check out Jersey Social’s Instagram or Facebook page to see the delicacies for yourself if our words haven’t done them justice. However, we do warn you that drooling is inevitable. Still not convinced? The only thing left to do is head on over to the Jersey Social. Our notoriety as a paradise for foodies is not without cause. Oops, we just casually spilled a long-kept secret. Oh Well!

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