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Hey, Golf fans! Experience the Masters Tournament’23 @ Jersey Social

Level Up Your Fun

With the 2023 Masters Tournament just a few days away, Jersey Social at Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue invites golf enthusiasts to watch the men’s first major golf tournament. At Jersey Social, you will be greeted with a chilled-out atmosphere, a delectable food menu, and our signature cocktails that will make your golf-watching session even more fun.

Steeped in history and tradition, this will be the 87th Master Tournament edition. A tournament that draws the best golfers from around the globe to compete for the coveted green jacket. Those who couldn’t make it to Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, should head over to Jersey Social. We have plenty of high-def big-screen TVs and comfortable seating that at times has made our patrons doze off! Primarily because they were trying to watch golf.

And those who don’t care about golf should still visit Jersey Social. Why? We are giving the people of New Jersey the opportunity to observe humans fascinated by golf. It’s like watching a nature documentary! While you watch things unfold, we will serve you crowd favorites from Jersey Social’s menu. It is our solemn promise to keep you tipsy.

By the way, please don’t assume we don’t know how prestigious and significant the Masters Tournament is for golf fans. It’s just a running gag we have where we dump on golf. You can’t blame us; it is the most boring sport on earth. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun watching it with us, right? Jersey Social guarantees to treat you like any sports fan.

Here we will even drop some golf knowledge to show you we mean business! “The National” is a course in its league, and every hole has a story. The one that we love is the 13th hole, known as “Azalea.” It’s a par 5, with a creek running in front of the green and surrounded by breathtaking azaleas that will be in full bloom during the tournament! A sight to behold, azaleas are one of the main reasons why we don’t mind watching the Masters Tournament every year.

The 2023 Master Tournament will be played over four days, from the 6th to the 9th of April, and Jersey Social is streaming it all! It’s going to be filled with memorable moments, and who knows, Tiger Woods might just win his 6th Masters Tournament and tie the record of The Golden Bear, a.k.a. Jack William Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers America has ever produced! Anyone who disagrees with us is welcome to change our minds. We shall hash this out over beer and wings!

So, what are you waiting for? The Masters Tournament is a symbol of excellence in golf, and Jersey Social, New Jersey’s most popular sports bar, is the place you want to be! Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the reviews from our customers and see why Jersey Social is the go-to spot for sports fans. Jersey Social also has happy hours guaranteed to get you buzzing. Come down to Jersey Avenue and look for the giant David Bowie mural. It’s right above our heads!

Golf, football, hockey, and more! With screens galore and drinks to pour! At Jersey Social, you will cheer and shout till your throat is sore! At Jersey Social, there’s something for everyone, that’s for sure!

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