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Watching NBA Play-In Tournament @ Jersey Social – Best Sports Bar

Get Your Game Face On

The NBA Play-In Tournament is about to start, and at Jersey Social, New Jersey’s best sports bar, we cannot wait! And just like always, Jersey Social will have all NBA Play-In games live in our bar. Although a relatively recent tournament, the NBA Play-Ins have earned their place as an exciting end-of-year tournament. Not only does it give teams who finished between 7th and 10th place in their conferences another chance to win a playoff berth.

With the 2022–2023 NBA regular season ending on April 9, the play-in tournament kicks off on April 11 and will last until April 14, which is why diehard fans of basketball in New Jersey will head to Jersey Social, located at 837 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City. Are you wondering why?

Because at Jersey Social, they get to enjoy games on big screens while devouring mouth-watering food. After cheering on their team, they can soothe their parched throats with our signature cocktails. Jersey Social’s food menu has all the bar classics, from wings, nachos, and burgers to fluffy Bao buns and Margherita bread.

In this year’s NBA Play-In Tournament, from the Eastern Conference, we have the 7th-placed Atlanta Hawks, along with the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Toronto Raptors, who come in at 8th, 9th, and 10th, respectively. Meanwhile, in the Western Conference, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers at 7, the Minnesota Timberwolves at 8, the 9th-placed Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Pelicans from New Orleans at 10.

On April 12, Jersey Social will be showing the games between the Hawks vs. Heat and the Lakers vs. Timberwolves live. The winners of these two games will be their conference’s 7th seed and advance to the playoffs. The loser of these games will get another chance to qualify for the playoffs. They will play against the winners of the Bulls vs. Raptors and Pelicans vs. Thunder games on the 13th. And on the 14th, we will find our 8th seed from each conference heading to the playoffs. And the coolest part? The next day, the NBA playoffs start!

Every year, the atmosphere at Jersey Social during the playoffs leading up to the NBA finals is electric through and through. You will be surrounded by basketball fans, so whether you are coming in with friends or flying solo, you will feel right at home at Jersey Social. It doesn’t matter whether your team wins or loses. This is because we can guarantee that when you leave Jersey Social, you will do so with a smile on your face, no matter the score.

Choosing to watch the NBA Play-Ins, Play-Offs, and Finals at Jersey Social instead of at home means supporting your local business. There will be stories told about your generosity. The community will benefit from your support. With your presence, you will help strengthen the relationships that drive Jersey Social and deepen the sense of community in Jersey City. Doesn’t that sound brilliant?

Jersey Social’s patrons motivate and inspire us to create quirky, exclusive drinks and dishes that you’ll never forget. Come down to Jersey Social, New Jersey’s beloved sports bar that treats every sporting event (even golf) as the event of the year. We will entertain you with trivia nights, board game nights, shows, and some other stuff we will keep secret until you get here. We will get you drunk, feed you, and then send you packing home, only to do it all over again every day with a big smile on our faces! Jersey Social – New Jersey’s friendliest neighborhood sports bar!

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