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An ode to the New Jersey Devils by Jersey Social

Level Up Your Fun

New Jersey is famous for its gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches, delicious food, diverse culture, and, of course, its people. We know what we want. We refuse to let anything stand in our way. We tell it like it is without mincing our words. So, hear us out when we say that the New Jersey Devils are the best NHL team. The same is true for Jersey Social, the best sports bar in Jersey City.

Jersey Social at Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue serves delicious food that pairs perfectly with our specialty cocktails and drinks. We also host many events like trivia Tuesdays, brunch with shows, and board game nights (well, you can play board games whenever you want), along with live sports and happy hour. And for us, there is only one team in the NHL that reigns supreme: the New Jersey Devils, three-time Stanley Cup champions.

We, and yes, “we,” refer to the New Jersey Devils. We have been dominant this season. This is a far cry from previous seasons. It feels like the good times are almost here, and it’s been too long.

It was 1974 when a franchise called the “Kansas City Scouts” joined the NHL. After two years, it was sold and moved to Denver, where it was renamed the “Colorado Rockies.” After several years of poor performance, this franchise was again sold and relocated to New Jersey. With this final move came the iconic name “Devils,” which was chosen through a fan vote. It is based on a mythical creature roaming the New Jersey Pine Barrens. But just because you get an awesome name doesn’t mean you magically improve, right? It wasn’t until 1987, when Lou Lamoriello was hired, that the New Jersey Devils turned things around.

The NJ Devils went 7-0-1 in their final eight games and clinched a playoff berth in their final game. John MacLean scored in overtime on the season’s final night!

“MacLean…off the boards, Sundstrom, he’s alone, Sundstrom…Murray on him, shot…that was deflected, went off the skate of Bob Murray the defenseman. Flipped up by Chicago, not out…kept in by MacLean, good job, MacLean centered Sundstrom. Sundstrom back to the point…Joe Cirella…Cirella got in, Cirella takes a shot, save by Pang, rebound…SCORES!!! THEY DID IT!!! THEY DID IT!!! THE DEVILS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR HISTORY! JOHN MACLEAN THE OVERTIME GOAL! AND THEY WIN IT 4-3!” — Gary Thorne hails MacLean’s overtime, playoff-clinching goal!

Victory in those dying moments! This moment was etched into history. We took that momentum and advanced into the conference finals, beating the New York Islanders 4-2, and the Washington Capitals 4-3, before losing 4-3 to the Boston Bruins in the conference finals. We lost, but this loss was different. We came within one win of making the Stanley Cup Final! It was a sign of what was to come: Three Stanley Cups, Five Conference Championships, and Nine Division Championships.

No matter what happens, the New Jersey Devils are one of the league’s most inspiring and successful franchises. This success is founded on the disciplined defensive system implemented in 1993 by coach Jacques Lemaire. This dogged defensive system and Martin Brodeur’s brilliance (hands down one of the greatest goaltenders ever) enabled us to lift our first Stanley Cup in 1995! Jersey Social didn’t exist back then, but this moment brought the entire state together! And it happened again in 2000 and 2003!

The way it’s shaping up right now, we have played 71 games and are ranked third as the team with the most points this season. Do you know what is different this time? We are still optimistic, just as we were all these years ago, but this time, Jersey Social exists! So come on down to Jersey Social, join your fellow Devils and us, and let’s show everyone that New Jersey plays hard, and we party hard!

“Let’s Go, Devils!”

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