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Live sports all day, every day! Only At Jersey Social – Best Sports Bar

Level Up Your Fun

Jersey Social is calling out all you sports enthusiasts who want to watch your favorite games and other live sporting events with your family, friends, fans, and rivals (if you can’t find anybody else). You can even be by yourself (because everybody needs some me time).

Jersey Social is a premier sports bar located at Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue that offers mind-blowing food, bewitching cocktails, and drinks with a whole list of extra-curricular activities such as live sports, trivia Tuesdays, and board games, just to name a few. Oh, and brunch and happy hour (two topics for another time).

Anyway, sports bars are gaining popularity as the go-to place to get some game time in, and for good reasons too. Take Jersey Social, for example, with a myriad of sporting events being streamed on our big screens and a food and drink menu that perfectly complements the season. We have got boxing, major-league baseball, the NHL, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, college basketball, football (not the kind that Europeans play), and soccer (yes! We do have live coverage of the EPL, Serie A, La Liga, and all the other international soccer competitions as well). For some reason, we have golf as well (can’t discriminate against the most boring sport on the planet now, can we?). We even have a channel that just shows replays of people watching other sports; we call it the Couch Potato Network if you can believe it.

With multiple screens, you can watch multiple games simultaneously, ensuring that you never miss out on those nail-biting finishes. By the way, Jersey Social Management has no say in what games are displayed on the screen. It’s the will of the crowd that dictates the play. So please do not bother the staff; instead, appeal to your fellow humans. You all get to create your own personalized viewing experience that suits your preferences! We are just the people with the remote; we have no authority in the matter.

At Jersey Social, we believe in being of service to others. This is why Jersey Social has taken up every possible sports subscription package available in a bid to give you access to exclusive sporting content that is usually locked behind pay-per-view or hidden behind an additional subscription-based model. Doesn’t that sound nice? We’re not saying it’s a golden ticket to the sports world, but it’s pretty close.

Feast on our delicious bao buns, sumptuous brick chicken, or the finest chicken Sammy sandwich this side of Jersey City. More options are listed on our menu, so make sure you check them out. While you are doing that, keep yourself hydrated with Jersey Social’s specialty cocktails, wines, and beers while watching the sports of your choice.

So come on down to Jersey Social, grab a pitcher and plate of nachos and wings, or anything else that calls out to you. Indulge yourself in a shared experience. Interact with people who are rooting for the same team as you. Who knows? You might just make an unexpected friend while you are at it. Even if you don’t, you still get to celebrate the win together! And even if your team loses, at least you’ll have alcohol to drown your sorrows in!

Live sports all day, every day. As long as there is some sort of match playing somewhere in the world, you will find it playing in your friendly neighborhood bar, Jersey Social.

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