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Why Jersey Social is the Perfect Spot for an Unforgettable Brunch Date

A Taste of Love

Boozy brunches are more than a trend! Combining the delights of breakfast and lunch with the added indulgence of alcohol, brunch gives you the best of both worlds. Not everyone is a morning person, and that is evident especially on weekends, especially when you have had a long week or a very fun Friday night. But with Jersey Social’s brunch menu, you won’t be missing out on breakfast just because you wanted to sleep in. Have your favorite breakfast food without feeling guilty about not waking up before noon.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of Jersey Social’s Boozy Brunch, let’s find out who we all have to thank for this weekend tradition that has become more and more popular with every passing week. Although the origin story of brunch is extremely hazy, many food historians (yes, apparently that’s a real thing) widely credit the creation of brunch to English writer Guy Beringer. Beringer’s idea was far-reaching, and his ambition was admirable. He saw far beyond his time and came up with the novel idea of brunch. He proposed a combined meal that served as a relief for those whose Sundays were usually spent tending to hangovers from the night before. Now that is visionary! Wouldn’t you agree? But he didn’t stop there! Beringer even had the foresight to swap out drinks traditionally associated with breakfast for alcoholic drinks instead. This man is an inspiration to all.

Anyway, before we get sidetracked, although the concept of brunch had made it to the United States by the 1930s, it didn’t take off until the 1990s, when an HBO TV show called “Sex in the City” cemented the notion of brunch as a social outing. At Jersey Social, we may not be big fans of the aforementioned sitcom. It is a bit too soapy for our tastes, but hey, it does deserve credit for making boozy brunches a mainstream thing.

A lazy weekend morning transforms into a social occasion at Jersey Social. Here, friends and family gather around to enjoy delicious food, spirited company, and a fair bit of drink. We are a premier sports bar located at Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue that offers mind-blowing food, bewitching cocktails, and drinks with a whole list of extra-curricular activities such as trivia Tuesdays, board games, and live sports, just to name a few. Oh, and also brunch (in case it wasn’t clear already).

The brunch menu at Jersey Social is available exclusively from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and we have all the regular staples making an appearance, including our brunch cocktails, including but not limited to the refreshing Mimosas, spicy Bloody Marys, and Espresso Martinis. The main dishes are all served with a side of home fries or salad, and we offer a wide variety of the classics. From the indulgently creamy Eggs Benedict that is served on an English muffin with ham or bacon and hollandaise sauce. It goes perfectly with our Bloody’s (as Bloody Marys are known at Jersey Social). If you are looking for something healthier, give our avocado toast made with lemon ricotta and smashed avocado sourdough, which pairs well with our Mimosas. And there is so much more. We got steak and eggs, chicken and waffles, and French toast. Do us a small favor and just check out our brunch menu.

Though we do have to point out that, with boozy brunches, there are times when we all tend to get carried away. Therefore, drinking responsibly is a must. The last thing you want to do is have another massive hangover after you just finished nursing one earlier on. So we do offer quite a few non-alcoholic drinks at Jersey Social as well. Just check with us when you do come in, and we will try to make sure that your request is accommodated. Great food, good people, and everything else that comes with it. We invite you to join us on Friday and Saturday nights to find out why Jersey Social is the talk of the town for being the best sports venue in Jersey City, and then, as you recover from your hangover, head on over to Jersey Social for a boozy brunch and let us treat you to a boozy brunch so we can repeat it next week. I was supposed to keep that under wraps. Well, whatever!

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