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Super Bowl LVII at Jersey Social – The Best Sports Bar in Jersey City

Level Up Your Fun

The Super Bowl is finally here! After a grueling regular season, including the playoffs, we are finally at the end of the 2022 season. The American Football Conference (AFC) champion Kansas City Chiefs are facing off against the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Those of you who have managed to grab tickets to the showdown are bound to have a good time. But not everyone is lucky enough. With the average price of a ticket being close to $8,000, Jersey Social, a premier sports bar located at Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue, is bringing the Super Bowl to everyone in Jersey City. We offer mind-blowing food, bewitching cocktails, and drinks with a whole list of extra-curricular activities such as trivia Tuesdays, board games, and live sports, just to name a few.

The Super Bowl is being played on February 12, 2023, and is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Millions will be tuning in to watch the game, while some of them will just join in for the commercials (yes, some people do that, and we don’t blame them; commercials are fun, especially when you are tipsy!) and the half-time show will have Rihanna as the headline performer.

YOU READ THAT RIGHT? This Barbadian pop and R&B artist who can belt out vocals and somehow serenade you at the same time hasn’t performed live in almost five years. Not since the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2018. At Jersey Social, you can catch all the action with friends, family, and strangers.

You may be wondering why we are telling you to come down to Jersey Social when you can just chill at home and watch the game there. Well, first of all, a simple fact is that we are a sports bar. In addition to being kind and wholesome, we love being hospitable to everyone. So we will take care of the food, the drinks, and the cleaning up while you focus on getting buzzed, stuffing yourself, and creating a mess. Doesn’t that sound like an excellent deal? At Jersey Social, you won’t have to worry about running out of food or drinks—we’ve got your back! We’ll even do the dishes for you after you drink yourself silly.

More importantly, watching the Super Bowl is an experience like no other. The only way to elevate that experience is by being around people just like you who are rooting for their team. You get to share the joy of touchdowns, field goals, and sacks. You get to be part of a community! Jersey Social’s SPORTING community! At Jersey Social, we have a lively and energetic atmosphere that you just cannot replicate at home. You will be among other fans who are just as passionate as you, and the energy in the bar is truly contagious. You’ll also get to hear some of the most creative cheers and chants ever! Plus, the food and drinks are top-notch, so you really cannot help but get into the spirit of the game!

We have wings, nachos, beer, and specialty cocktails with large-screen TVs that are perfect for watching games. Jersey Social is a great way to meet new people, and this is even more evident during sporting events of the year like the Super Bowl. Strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to you, join in on the cheers, and high-five each other till your hand is red! In these four quarters of game time, you might just end up making bonds that will last a lifetime.

So do yourself a favor and head on down to Jersey Social on February 12th, 2023. History is going to be made on this day. Come be a part of it! SUPER BOWL LVII at Jersey Social! Just be sure to bring your wallet—we said we were kind and wholesome, but we didn’t say charitable, did we?

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