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Unleash Your Trivia Skills at Jersey Social’s Trivia Tuesdays, the Ultimate Hangout Spot”

Tuesday Night Extravaganza

Something about Tuesdays just doesn’t sit right with us here at Jersey Social. Take Mondays, for example. For some of us, they represent a brand-new beginning where we have the motivation and energy to be productive. However, not everyone is a fan of Monday. Just take a load off of this guy!

“Why are Mondays so far from Fridays and Fridays so near to Mondays?” – Garfield

But that’s a story for another time. It’s safe to say that Tuesdays are the most boring days of the week. They aren’t like Mondays or Fridays, and everyone feels that midweek slump on Tuesdays. That’s a bummer, isn’t it? It might be for others, but not for the crowd at Jersey Social. Even though we are a premier sports bar located at Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue and offer mind-blowing food, bewitching cocktails, and drinks, Jersey Social’s Trivia Tuesdays will help pull you out of the Tuesday slump.

A fun and engaging way to get rid of those Tuesday blues (we don’t mean the one that is listed in Urban Dictionary), the trivia nights are held at 7 p.m. every Tuesday at Jersey Social. It is powered by King Trivia, the largest and most successful bar trivia and pub quiz company in America. And yes, we do have prizes. You have the chance to win beer every week, plus our top 3 winners get special Jersey Social swag and gift cards as well.

Jersey Social’s trivia nights are the perfect opportunity to socialize, bond, and bring out the beer-soaked know-it-all in you and your friends. Compete with teams and answer questions on a variety of topics, from pop culture to history or science. In the process, you will also learn a thing or two. Sounds fun, right? The winners also get their team name and image published on King Trivia’s website. With over 3.5 million questions asked, your name will forever be etched on the King Trivia wall of glory.

And that’s not all; every trivia night, we run Jersey Social’s specials. Fried pickles with a bottle of beer for $8, six wings, and a bottle of beer for $15, or nachos for two and two bottles of beer for $20. Of course, if you’re really hungry after Tuesday’s long, humdrum events, there is our delicious menu you can choose from.

Jersey Social’s trivia Tuesdays are a group activity, so we highly recommend that you grab your friends with a diverse range of knowledge and bring them along with you. Just in case you are alone, it’s okay because you can always join another team. We do have to warn you that people tend to end up taking the final rounds of trivia somewhat seriously. Not sure why? Maybe it’s the chance to win beer, goodie bags, and that thing called a “sense of achievement.” Who knows? So, always be on your A-game. Turn off your phone, avoid heckling other teams, and make sure you have brushed up on current affairs. You might just end up making some new lifelong friends with whom you share trivia as a common interest.

The trivia nights at Jersey Social will entertain you by letting you discover new facts, stimulate your insatiable curiosity, break the ice, and make new connections or reaffirm the old ones in an environment that is relaxed and friendly, regardless of whether you are a seasoned trivia buff or just someone looking for a fun night out. After all, trivia nights are popular for a reason. You get a chance to show off your knowledge and put your skills to the test! Oh, and have fun! Phew! We had almost forgotten that one.

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